Stream Teams

Stream Teams

Who is this course for?


This course is for UX Researchers, Designers and Developers who want to learn how to do effective Discovery, Design and Delivery.


This course is for PO's, Business Analysts, and Project Managers, who want to know how their roles will transition in the future.


This course is for SME's in Marketing, Operations, Customer Service and more who rely on software to achieve their business goals.

Course Description

2 days

Stream Teams are empowered, autonomous, cross-functional teams that build the products from idea through to satisfied customers. Most teams operate as feature factories, building what they are told. Shifting to empowered teams requires changes to how teams are structured, how they work and how they interact with customers. This course covers the team structure, discovery, design and delivery techniques cross-functional teams can use to build amazing products.

What you'll learn

Why we work the way we work
Not all change is good. We need to understand why we work the way we do before we propose changes.
Why it is no longer working
We need to build products customers want. But our processes force us to build what we
Continuous Discovery
How to design and execute research initiatives to uncover and communicate customer needs, desires and pain points.
Continuous Design
How to ideate, identify assumption, plan experiments, capture feedback and iterate towards working solutions.
Continuous Delivery
The architectural patterns and technical practices that enable continuous delivery of working software.
Continuous Improvement
How to use a way of working vision to improve practices and processes over time.

Course Syllabus

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