The world is full of bad software

Features that customers don't love are hurting our businesses. From travel to finance to automotive to retail the companies that create better software are dominating their markets.

Research shows that the effectiveness of software is low and dropping

Studies consistently show that software features fail to deliver the expected ROI

Microsoft, 2009
Netflix, 2020
Airbnb, 2022

Our process is the problem

We lock in scope before we know what works

We separate the work between solution definition and solution delivery because we have different roles responsible for the different activities.

We lock in a scope before we know what customers want.

But no business plan survives first contact with a customer. When we see a feature built and how customers use it we can easily see where tweaks can be made that are impossible to identify upfront. To get better outcomes we need to keep iterating on our solutions as we build them.

But we need to keep iterating to get better outcomes.

We've always worked this way!

Why change now?
Because contexts change

The products that we build today are not the same as what we were building 20 or even 10 years ago.

New products.
Customers need to change their habits to adopt features. We can't know for certain how people will react until they have the product in hand.
More complex products.
Features and products are becoming more complex which makes it harder to think through all of the implications upfront.
Faster pace of change.
33% of features hurt a product. As AI makes development easier more than ever we need to ensure we are building the right thing.