90% of features fail to deliver the expected value. But nobody takes accountability!

When challenged there is an endless line of excuses: the requirements were vague, the product wasn’t built as intended, marketing didn’t pitch it correctly, the market shifted and more. The response can be summed up as “I did my job”

Businesses want outcomes but revert to tracking outputs due to a lack of accountability.

Our process is the problem

Our way of working prevents good outcomes

People will focus on what they can control.

When you have a problem that requires iteration to learn how customers react to your product and adjust accordingly, but your process prevents iterations, then people will focus on process and outputs over outcomes.

People can hide behind process so they are not accountable when features are not met.

We've always worked this way!

Why change now?
Because contexts change

Software companies are dominating their markets. Companies need to develop effective products to compete. Continuing to work the same will continue to deliver the same results.

Fast moving competitors.
New entrants can move from taking a small slice of a market to dominating it because software scales exponentially.
Low ROI for software investment.
Investment is increasing but you are not getting the returns that you are expecting.
Low customer satisfaction.
Customers are complaining that your products are lagging behind the market.