Case StudyEcosystem Team: Defining The Ecosystem Strategy - Aligning Acquisitions

As SumUp scaled they made several acquisitions to flesh out their product offering. They needed to integrate these various acquisitions into a unified product offering and align the product experience with the company’s mission. Anyone who has lived through a company merger knows how challenging this can be.

Aligning Acquisitions

The Solution

SumUp addressed this by merging all of the different company groups into a single structure.

  1. Autonomous teams: SumUp implemented cross-functional teams that have autonomy over part of the product. This helped with the acquisition integration.
  2. Consistent brand guidelines: By aligning the visual and experiential aspects of the products and services separate teams could create a recognisable and reliable customer experience.
  3. Customer centricity: All teams were encouraged to follow a design-centric philosophy to ensure a cohesive user experience. This led to the re-architecting of the product experience to align with customer needs.

Outcomes achieved

The successful integration of various acquisitions created a coherent product ecosystem, strengthening SumUp's brand identity across all customer touchpoints.

In addition, organizational agility and market responsiveness saw a marked improvement, allowing SumUp to adapt quickly to changing market demands.

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