Case StudyProduct Team: Identifying Value Streams - Event Storming

The lack of effective communication and collaboration across different functional teams (developers, testers, business analysts, architects, etc.)was leading to delays in project delivery, missed opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, and accumulation of technical debt.

Event Storming

The Solution

ParcelVision separated the task of Event Storming into different stages: Big Picture Event Storming, Process-Level Event Storming and Software Design Event Storming. Each iteration dived deeper into the business and technical needs for a particular part of the product.

Once completed, natural boundaries between different business capabilities and domains started to emerge. ParcelVision was then able to create autonomous teams around these separate domains.

Outcomes achieved

Event storming delivered a lot of benefits:

  • Improved Communication and Collaboration: The event storming sessions break down silos and improve communication between different teams.
  • Clear Domain Boundaries: Clear identification of domain boundaries helps in structuring the organization more effectively.
  • Autonomous Teams: Formation of cross-functional teams that are aligned with business domains, leading to faster decision-making and more efficient project delivery.
  • Reduction in Technical Debt and Project Delays: With more autonomy and code ownership, the accumulation of technical debt is reduced, and projects are more likely to be delivered on time.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Products and services are more aligned with customer needs due to the collaborative nature of event storming.

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