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Disney streaming includes multiple brands: Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Star+ and Hotstar. Each of the brands operated independently leading to fragmented design processes, inconsistencies in design elements, leading to a disjointed user experience. There were also inefficiencies in the design-development handoff, causing delays and confusion.

Design System

The Solution

Disney established a unified design system applicable across all of their platforms. This wasn't just done by Design in isolation, this involved Intensive collaboration between design, engineering, and product teams to ensure that the design system met the needs of the teams. In addition, they did a staggered rollout adding additional brands as they continued enhancing the Design System to ensure a quicker and more successful rollout.

Outcomes achieved

The implementation of a shared, cross-brand, Design System delivered multiple benefits:

  • Streamlined design processes and improved team collaboration.
  • Consistent user experience across all platforms.
  • Enhanced efficiency in product development cycles.

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