Case StudyEcosystem Team: Enabling Teams - ProductOps

Deezer was facing the familiar challenge of scaling where product outcomes were falling and user experiences started to become inconsistent, leading to delays, fragmented processes, and reduced customer satisfaction.


The Solution

Deezer established a ProductOps structure to help address these challenges. The new ProductOps role was responsible for efficient execution and maintaining sustainable processes. Some of the initiatives they put in place include:

  • Virtual Team Approach: Creation of temporary, cross-squad teams to handle transversal projects, focusing on eliminating dependencies and maintaining velocity.
  • Part-time Ownership: Empowering a product manager to oversee projects in addition to their regular duties, ensuring a strong discovery process and collaboration.

Outcomes achieved

The implementation of ProductOps led to improved product development, minimised dependencies, better collaboration, and a more consistent user experience across various product squads.

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