Case StudyEnabling Team: Promoting Good Practices - Enhancing Cloud Efficiency and Security with AWS Well-Architected Framework

Burns & McDonnell, a well-established engineering and consulting firm, sought to enhance the visibility and efficiency of their cloud infrastructure while tightening security and identifying cost-saving opportunities. The company aimed to improve their governance framework, treat cloud services differently from traditional on-premises servers, and empower their employees to innovate without compromising security or incurring unnecessary costs.

Enhancing Cloud Efficiency and Security with AWS Well-Architected Framework

The Solution

Burns & McDonnell adopted the AWS Well-Architected Framework, leveraging its design principles and best practices to review and enhance their cloud infrastructure. Partnering with Trend Micro Cloud One - Conformity, they conducted thorough risk assessments and security evaluations. Conformity provided automated reports and recommendations, identifying security risks and inefficiencies. This enabled the company to make informed decisions swiftly, supported by detailed step-by-step guides from Conformity’s knowledge base.

Key Actions:

  • Implemented AWS Well-Architected Framework for cloud infrastructure review.
  • Utilized Trend Micro Cloud One - Conformity for automated risk and security assessments.
  • Conducted thorough evaluations against 800 best practices.
  • Integrated findings with AWS Management Console and CLI for remediation.

Outcomes achieved

The collaboration between Burns & McDonnell, AWS, and Trend Micro led to notable improvements in cost management and operational efficiency. By adopting these best practices, the company achieved a 30% reduction in AWS costs within the first week and continued to save 30% year over year. Additionally, they reduced their mean time to resolution for cloud misconfigurations by 50%, enabling faster issue remediation and enhancing overall cloud security. This approach also facilitated compliance with regulatory standards and improved transparency with clients, fostering trust and enabling further innovation.


  • 30% reduction in AWS costs in the first week; sustained annual savings.
  • 50% reduction in mean time to resolution for misconfigurations.
  • Enhanced security and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Increased transparency and trust with clients.
  • Empowered employees to innovate without fear of security breaches.

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